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Chiropractic care for the whole family:

Infants/Children : It is not that infants or children necessarily experience low back pain that they should have a chiropractic assessment. It is that their tiny bodies have endured the stress of labour and delivery and suffer from many falls while they learn mobility. They need to be assessed that these stressors have not affected their delicate nervous system.

Research tells us that nearly 50% of all babies have had a fall ie. off the bed, change table. Once they get older they are prone to slips, falls and traumas. Gentle chiropractic care will ensure babies and children have better resistance to disease as their nerve interference is cleared.

There are many case histories of chiropractic helping children with various issues: asthma, back and neck pain, concentration, colic, constipation, feeding issues, growing pains, headache, nursing difficulties, torticollis, TMD, ear infections, scoliosis to name some.

Dr. Michelle Urban has taken part in all 10 post graduate modules for pediatric training with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association through the USA.